microsoft sql server

In 1993, I started working with MS SQL Server, first as a tester, then as a coder and finally as a designer. Of course, at Microsoft, designer means that you get to do everything - design/code/test/deploy.

Entity Relationship Diagram Thumbnail Entity Relationship Diagram

data modeling - database design

The initial task in the DB Design process is the development of conceptual and physical data models. I work in MS VISIO using IDEF1X notation. I typically develop the schema collaboratively with the user or a domain expert.

stored procedures, triggers and scripting

Did I mention that I code? There are as many ways to write code for SQL Server as there are people who do so. If you have your own standards, I can adhere to them. If you don't, you're welcome to use mine. And if you choose to use mine, I think you'll be pleased with the outcome. One more thing... I document what I build. I even leave behind unit-test scripts to facilitate regression testing.


Database performance isn't some mystical black art. The steps to take any database from dog-slow to high performance are well-known. Where it gets complicated is in identifying those actions which will provide the best bang for the buck. In some cases, it's the hardware. In many cases, it's improved maintenance. In other cases, we just need to get methodical in our DBA tasks. Or maybe we need to do some query analysis or index tuning. Whatever the need, I can help your database perform to its maximum potential. And if its performance problems are due to design issues, I can help you re-architect the entire structure or just concentrate on those portions which will give you the greatest return.