HWCIA website Hawaii Wall and Ceiling Industry Association website


HWCIA.com is a Drupal-7-based association website. It is the official site for the Hawaii Wall and Ceiling Industry Association providing information of interest to its members and the construction industry.

OnePutzGolf website OnePutzGolf website


OnePutzGolf.com was a simple one-page static site. It was created to provide tee time information for a local golf club. Unfortunately, the golf club only lasted one year. The domain name has been released.

EsplanadeOnline website EsplanadeOnline website


EsplanadeOnline.com is a Drupal-6-based community site. It was created as an 'unofficial' residents' site for a condominium in Honolulu. The site provides forums, blogs, interest groups, user relationships and want ads for the residents and owners of the condominium.

AT3Inc website AT3Inc website


AT3Inc.com was a Drupal-6-based business site. It was created for a newly retired U.S. Marine Corps Warrant Officer. He wanted a site that would present a professional image and that would be updatable by himself. The owner has since shut down his business and released the site and domain name.

EsplanadeDog website EsplanadeDog website


EsplanadeDog.com is a Drupal-6-based community site. Like all social sites, it remains a work in progress. Currently, it includes member postings and comments, member profiles with pictures, email accounts and various administrative details. In the works: user photo galleries, surveys and individual blogs.

FishWrapArt website FishWrapArt website


FishWrapArt.com is my digital art website. The style is eclectic to match the content. Check it out to get an idea of how a gallery might be presented.

e-greymatter.com website e-greymatter.com website


Yeah, it's pretty much self-referential, but this site is all about Web 2.0 style. And just what is my definition of Web 2.0 style? Put simply, it's all about clean and uncluttered pages with plenty of white space. Add to those characteristics: cool graphics, CSS/javascript transitions, accessibility for all viewers and subtle use of color and you have Web 2.0 style. One more thing, (with the exception of the contact form) the only javascript on this site is conditional to support down-level browsers. All the interactivity you see here is done using pure CSS.

SlowDownHawaii website SlowDownHawaii website


SlowDownHawaii is a conceptual graphical-navigation website. The Slow Down! Hawaii organization is fictional, but I'm thinking about offering the bumper stickers for real.

Pacific Home Furnishings website Pacific Home Furnishings website

Pacific Home Furnishings

The president of Pacific Home Furnishings asked me about establishing their initial web presence. This site is a mock-up I built to facilitate that discussion. Click on 'Customer Login' to toggle views.